Holistic Massage

Massage is a natural and effective way to treat both physical and psychological conditions. It improves circulation, eases pain, reduces stress and induces state of deep relaxation and well-being.
Regular massage is effective in maintaining optimum health and combating the negative effects of daily stress and aging. It helps keep body tissues and basic functions in more youthful states.Your Massage will be tailored according to your specific needs in your consultation.

Holistic Massage is primarily used for relaxation and pain relief – this is usually a full body massage. Holistic means ‘whole’ and Holistic Massage aims to re-balance a person as a whole -the body, mind, spirit and emotions.  It uses a range of movements that soothe and relax muscles of the whole body, releasing emotional tension, muscular pain and inducing deep relaxation.

Benefits of Massage
Massage is effective for the relief of a wide range of conditions including:

Stress / Anxiety
Aches and pains
Sports injuries
Circulation problems
Respiratory problems
High blood pressure
Low immune system