Pregnancy Massage

Pregnancy Massage is a safe, relaxing and excellent way to relieve the physical discomfort and emotional stress that can accompany pregnancy.

What are the benefits of Pregnancy Massage?

• Helps to ease backache, headaches, muscle aches and pains
• Reduces stress and anxiety, which will help to stabilize hormone levels
• Decreases pain in the pelvic/hip area
• Reduces swelling in ankles, legs, arms and hands
• Reduces fatigue and assists with digestion
• improve circulation
• Promotes a restful sleep
• improves labour and newborn health

Having regular massages during pregnancy can help you to maintain good health, relieve you of stress, worry and discomfort.
Pregnancy Reflexology is also very beneficial and can be combined with massage.
Pregnancy Massage can help after the birth too. As well as giving you some precious time to look after yourself, it promotes muscle healing and spinal alignment, important factors in returning your body to its pre-pregnancy state.

What is the treatment is like?
After an initial consultation you will undress and lie in the position most comfortable to you on the couch, supported by pillows and cushions.
You will be covered by towels and kept warm and secure whilst the treatment.

Pregnancy Massage is available to you after you have had your 12 weeks scan throughout the whole pregnancy. if you’ve had any complications, it’s best to make sure you ask your doctor before you book your massage.