Pregnancy Reflexology

Reflexology for Pregnancy
Reflexology is beneficial for the mother -to- be because it not only maintains general wellbeing and aids relaxation it also helps relieve many pregnancy complaints including morning sickness, backache and fluid retention.
Much research has shown that women who have regular reflexology treatments during pregnancy have far shorter and easier labours than those who don’t.

Reflexology may stimulate the commencement of labour if the baby is overdue and both mother and baby are ready. It can stimulate the body to produce the hormones needed for birth.
After Birth

Once the baby is born it can take the mothers body a while to adjust. Reflexology can help balance hormones as well as improve energy levels. The benefits of post-natal reflexology are:
• Adjusting to the demands of coping with a new baby
• Supports as menstrual cycle and uterus size returns to normal
• Promotes lactation
• Post-natal depression is less likely to occur
• Boosts immune system

Benefits of Pregnancy Reflexology
• During Pregnancy
Reflexology is effective for the relief of:  Morning sickness, Backache, Fluid retention,Swelling in feet &ankle,Constipation,Headache, Neck tension, Fatigue, Insomnia, Anxiety / Mood swing
• Promoting labour
• After Birth
Balances hormones
Promotes lactation
Boosts Energy levels
Avoids post natal depression